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How to Register a Company in the UK for Free (10 Steps)

Starting your own business is super exciting! Being your boss is amazing, regardless of whether your goal is to run a large corporation or a tiny online store.
But, registering your company is a crucial step to take before you fully commit to making it a reality in the UK. We’ve got you covered a detailed insights in easy 10 steps on how to register a company for free!
With just ten easy steps, you can easily register a company in Milton Keynes with the help of this guide. We’ll explain to you how to correctly complete the paperwork and whether registering is necessary. Together, we can ensure that your company launches properly and operates efficiently!

Before Getting started 

1. Company Name

Pick a catchy name that captures the essence of your enterprise.

2. Business Address

To get things started, any address in the United Kingdom will be required.

3. Directors

A minimum of one director is required. Thankfully, they are not required to reside in the UK!

4. Shareholders

 Identify at least one shareholder, which may be an individual or an additional business.

There are certain documents that your business must have to open a store in the UK. A “memorandum” and “articles of association” are two examples of these. You can utilize standard templates, so don’t worry.

 Benefits of UK Company registration:

Why Company Registration is important ?

There are some fantastic benefits to registering your business in the UK.

1. Tax Advantages

 The British government offers a range of financial programs that provide businesses and employees with enticing tax advantages.

2. Plenty of Resources

The UK possesses an abundance of resources, including government funds, incentives, and vibrant start-up hubs focused on technology and innovation. It's a great place for your business to expand.

3. Access to Capital: 

London, the center of the world's financial system, provides a wealth of options. Businesses found in the UK have easier access to funding and financial support from a wider range of banks and organizations.

4. Technology

 High-end technology and automation are abundant in Milton Keynes UK, giving businesses access to excellent resources to prosper.

5. Global Accessibility:

 Shareholders and directors do not have to be residents or citizens of the UK. This openness creates opportunities for foreign investment and talent.

6. International Reach:

 Robust UK connections to the US and EU provide a doorway for your business to grow internationally. Because of these strong ties, it serves as a bridge to expand your company internationally.

10 Steps to register a company 

1. Name Your Company

 Your company name represents your brand identity and is more than just a few words. Make sure it is distinct, unique, and hasn't been registered already. By confirming its availability, our name search tool helps you stay out of legal hot water.

2. Company Address Selection

 To appear on various documents and for legal correspondence, your company must have a fixed UK address. It might be a virtual address, your house, or your place of business. Transparency and trust are increased when it is registered with Companies House.

3. Select Directors

Your company's directors are its lifeblood. They oversee daily operations and bear legal accountability. Make sure they comprehend their roles and responsibilities, are at least 16 years old, and are not disqualified.

4. Define Share Details

Choose the share structure for your business. Indicate each shareholder's ownership percentage and voting rights, whether there are one or more. This shows the responsibilities of shareholders, even at the lowest share value of £1.

5. SIC Code

Your business activities are defined by the SIC code. It serves as a label to Companies House, explaining to them what your business does. A software company and a bakery, for example, may have different SIC codes.

6. Draught an Articles and Memorandum

These serve as your company's foundational documents. The Articles provide specific internal regulations, while the Memorandum describes the company's mission and authority. As they are legally binding, make sure all shareholders agree.

7. Who Are the People in Significant Control (PSC)?

Enumerate those who have a substantial amount of control over your business. Those with sizable voting rights or shareholdings fall under this category. Transparency requires that the PSC register be kept current.

8. File with Companies House

 Gather all required paperwork, including the articles, memorandum, and director and shareholder information, and send it to Companies House for formal registration. Given the complexity of changes made after registration, accuracy is essential.

9. Maintain PSC Register

 Make sure the People with Significant Control (PSC) register is updated regularly. This openness aids in financial inquiries and gives investors insight into the people in charge of your business.

10. Annual Reporting

Making sure rules are followed is a continuous process. This includes, as part of your company's reporting, updating the PSC register once a year. Maintaining up-to-date records fosters confidence and trust.

Establishing and running a registered UK company requires following each step precisely. It’s a procedure that necessitates close attention to detail and continuous dedication to operational and legal compliance.

Required Documents for Registration of Company

In conclusion

To sum up, registering your business in Milton Keynes for free is a smart move towards building a reputable presence online and offline. Under the knowledgeable direction of Alpha Tax Advisors, this procedure becomes easy and affordable, guaranteeing compliance and providing comfort. Profit from the advantages that come with being a registered business, such as access to opportunities, credibility, and legal protection. Put your trust in Alpha Tax Advisors in the UK to handle the details, making Milton Keynes company registration a simple step towards your company’s success.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's):

 Yes, its free advice, Alpha Tax Advisors provides a complimentary company formation service. Nonetheless, there might be some government fees involved in the registration procedure.

   Although there are no set deadlines, the process is typically accelerated thanks to Alpha Tax Advisors’ experience. The registration process could take a few weeks on average to finish.

 Of course! They can offer advice on choosing an appropriate and distinctive business name that conforms with Companies House requirements.

It is feasible to start a business before the official registration procedure is finished. However, complete registration becomes necessary as soon as your business begins to turn a profit.

Yes, regardless of size, some business structures need to be registered. Limited Liability Partnerships and Limited Companies, whether private or public, are required to register with Companies House. Regardless of the size of their business, partnerships and sole proprietors must register with HMRC.

There may be financial penalties and legal ramifications for not registering. Furthermore, registered businesses receive several advantages over unregistered businesses, such as legal protection and credibility.

In the UK, registering a company online with Companies House requires certain basic fees. Services provided by third parties provide a range of packages and help. For certain services, such as document printing or tax registration, there may be additional fees.

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